Why visit us?



Our elephants are very happy!

The interaction is on initiative of our elephants.

Our elephants are always together.

We take our time, the activity is nice and slow.

We don't ride our elephants.

At the EFP we take our time, the activity is nice and slow.
We offer long walks and bathing times.
Everything goes very slow and very relaxed. We really take our time.
And we have a strict limit on the amount of visitors.
You will see truly happy elephants!


At the EFP the elephants are our first priority, not the tourists.


We offer a shelter for our elephants.
Before they came to us, they had a hard life.
They have been working in the harsh elephant riding industry.
And then we saved them!
Our elephants are going through their normal day and the visitors can follow them. 


Our elephants will approach you,

not the other way round.

We provide each visitor with a basket of fruit.

The elephants know that visitors have tasty snacks and love to interact with them.


Everywhere around us are the horrible elephant riding places.
The poor elephants living there have no freedom, all their movement is restricted.
When the tourists ride them they follow a set route, are not allowed to choose their own way and are forced to obey.
They are regularly being hit and shouted at.
When there are no tourists they are chained up. This on a very short chain and usual in the sun.
In the afternoon their keepers get drunk and the abuse is getting even worse.
(In the video below you will see one of our neighbors).    
At the EFP we don't ride our elephants.


Riding is so bad for elephants.


At some places each elephant carries 80 tourists per day!
Buses full of people.
Not at our project, we love our elephants!
At the EFP we do not separate our elephants. Elephants are social animals.
Our elephants are always together during the day
and this makes them so happy!



Our elephant keepers are the best,
they are very well behaved and truly love their elephants
the elephants love them too!
Our elephants are very happy at our Project.
Our visitors have noticed this too,
you can reads hundreds of reviews
Come and see for yourself, you can book here