Elephant Freedom Project

Sri Lanka




Our small family run Elephant Freedom Project is a shelter for captive elephants. Surrounded by the many elephant riding places we make the difference.

We are the only place where there is no elephant riding - never. Just accompanying on walks. We are no mass tourist attraction and don't like elephant tricks. We aim to give elephants a good and safe home. At this moment two elephants are staying with us, their names are Kumari and Menike.

For many years they had to work in the harsh tourist riding industry, now they are safe.



You are very welcome to visit us and experience a special elephant encounter which is suitable for all. To keep a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere for the elephants and you, we aim to limit the amount of visitors to only 15 people per activity (for comparison's sake, our neighbors the elephant riding places receive hundreds of visitors per day!).


For this reason you need to make a booking in advance.

You can find us in Kegalle, between Kandy and Colombo and only 2 hours away from the airport.


Morning activity



  • From 9:00 until 13:30
  • Walk approx 2 hours with our elephants
  • Bathe the elephants approx 1 hour
  • A light lunch and tea are included


Admission fee 43 EURO per person

(+2 EURO service charge)

children from 0 - 1 are free of charge, children from 2 - 17 get a 50% discount


afternoon activity



  • From 13:00 until approx 17:15
  • Walk approx 2 hours with our elephants
  • Bath the elephants approx 1 hour
  • A light lunch and tea are included


Admission fee 43 EURO per person

(+2 EURO service charge)

children from 0 - 1 are free of charge, children from 2 - 17 get a 50% discount




We are very highly rated on TripAdvisor, you can read the reviews here.



You can reach the project by bus/train/tuktuk.

From the airport or Negombo takes about 2-2.5 hours.

From Kandy about 1.5 hours.

If you like more comfort and less hassle we would love to arrange transport by AC car/van for you.

We use a very well trusted 3rd party for this, click here to book.


Stay the night



The project offers great accommodation onsite at the family

home for 16 EURO per person per night (+2 EURO service charge),

including dinner and breakfast


You can select to stay the night when making the booking for the activity.


The house

If you booked for the night you will stay in the large house of the family (Mr Ananda, Malie and Shashini and Grandma).

Most rooms have attached bathrooms with Western style toilets and refreshing typical Sri Lankan cold showers. 

Bed sheets, towels, fans, purified drinking water and toilet paper are provided.

There is Wifi in the living area, a TV, a washing machine, a homely seating area and veranda. It's a nice place!



Soon we will build a night enclosure for our elephants.

We've been waiting for this moment for years!

You can help us by giving a donation here.



About the project

The small, family run, Elephant Freedom Project offers refuge, freedom from work and hardship to the elephants. At the project they are free from working in the riding industry and the wood logging.

Elephants are not pets. For safety purposes the mahouts carry an ankus when the elephant is out of the enclosure. They will rarely use this and NEVER in an abusive way. Remember that elephants are very big and immensely strong animals.

In Sri Lanka it is impossible to buy elephants - no one is selling - , we are renting our elephants. This comes with some restrictions, but is the only way to ensure they don’t end up at a riding place or another bad environment.

Our elephants are still chained at night. We plan to build a night enclosure so they can be free from the chains very soon.

We can really use your help, donations are very welcome!



The Elephant Freedom project aims to give captive elephants a good and safe home, which is made possible thanks to your visit.